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600XT - Universal Fibopost
Rural Fencing
Horticulture , Landscaping , Tree Stakes and Vegetable growing
Crowd control and Barrier mesh
4WD and camping
Equine Fibopost
Electric Fence Applications
Mining , Consruction &Signs

Fibo-Dropper 369XT ideal to reduce the cost of fencing with holes that match the Fiboposts making for easy installation . The wire ties are designed to grip the wire so that the dropper does not move on the fence wire.

The Fibo-droppers are insulators and the fence with these droppers can still be a electric fence without the additional cost of insulators . The Fiboposts will not corrode or rust and then there will be no compromising of the fence wire .

The utilisation of the Fibo-dropper will increase the visual impact of the fence and with the Fibo-Brite colours increase the visibility for the livestock and other animals being excluded by a boundary or Barrier fence.

The utilisation of the Fibo-Dropper is important in any fencing application as the droppers will maintain the separation of the wire and hole them apart whether a prefabricated mesh or plain wires .



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