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600XT - Universal Fibopost
Rural Fencing
Horticulture , Landscaping , Tree Stakes and Vegetable growing
Crowd control and Barrier mesh
4WD and camping
Equine Fibopost
Electric Fence Applications
Mining , Consruction &Signs
600XT - Universal Fibopost


Fibopost 600XT is a universal Fibopost suitable for most rural applications replacing steel star pickets and insulators, including equine maximum height out of the ground 1500mm suitable for sign-age .

Frangible for WORK ZONES and livestock at 35km impact the Fibopost will flex when hit at the top of the post and allow the impacting object to pass when a vehicle or animal of high mass impacts the Fibopost it will break at ground level preventing serious injuries . When the Fibopost is in a fence line with supporting tensioned wires the fence will return to vertical and remain as a barrier.

Flexibility as the Fiboposts can Flex they will move when livestock and animals lean on the fence this makes the fence seam insecure and the livestock will not persist , the Fibopost will also flick or spring back impacting the livestock this is another important feature as a boundary / barrier .

Floods and debris build up are reduced or eliminated as the Fibopost flex and spring constantly the debris is continuously released from the post and wire (pending the type and construction of the wire plain / mesh / fabricated.

No Insulators are required on the Fibopost opening many different configurations of fencing where total fabricated mesh / ring-lock can be electrified at no additional cost as the total post is the insulator. The only time you need a insulator is on posts that are not Fiboposts.

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