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GreenMoxie Australia 

GreenMoxie is licensed to utilize proprietary technology to convert post consumer and industrial PET a significant engineering polymer (water & cool drink bottles , Plastic Strapping + other packaging products manufactured from PET ) including UV stabilisers and colour.

This unique process converts waste into Fibopost XT Posts where the plastic is recovered from being the waste and landfill. 70% of the Fibopost-XT Post is waste PET (by Volume).

The Fibopost will NOT rust or leach harmful chemicals into the ground, is suitable replacement for Steel Star pickets, T-posts, timber/ lumber posts for fencing, safety barriers, supporting barrier mesh, electric fence insulator, tailored to animal vision,  will not burn and is frangible.

Email:  sales@greenmoxie.com.au  

It only  takes 25 PET 1litre bottles to make a 1650mm Fibopost


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