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600XT - Universal Fibopost
Rural Fencing
Horticulture , Landscaping , Tree Stakes and Vegetable growing
Crowd control and Barrier mesh
4WD and camping
Equine Fibopost
Electric Fence Applications
Mining , Consruction &Signs
Horticulture , Landscaping , Tree Stakes and Vegetable growing

Fibopost replaces timber stakes in the Horticultural veggie growing, no rotting or leaking of chemicals into the soil.

Raised Garden Beds:

Landscaping and Tree Stakes: 

When done correctly with the correct Fibopost the tree tied firmly between two Fiboposts with a flexible rubber band that prevents rubbing on the tree trunk and with the Flex in the Fibopost movement of the trunk helps strengthen it by thickening it and giving it taper from bottom to top. Trunk movement also stimulates root growth.

Outdated Landscape Staking specifications that call rigid posts often in 50-100mm square hardwood posts that do not allow flex of the trunk and retards the root Growth.

Selecting the correct stake is also important where establishment of trees on roadsides and adjacent to traffic areas and playing grounds. The Stake should not be a hazard and should be frangible. The Fibopost is the alternative that meets the requirements of the the safety promotes the root growth and gives the trunk taper from the base to the top.

It is only fitting that a tree is not cut down to stake another and prevent the growth of the new tree Fiboposts are recycled and save waste being disposed in landfills making the Fibopost Stakes more sustainable overall.


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