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1-4-5 Recycling


1-4-5 Recycling Pty Ltd

Unit1 • 8 Iron Street • Malaga • Western Australia • 6090
+61 449 915 547

1-4-5 Recycling is the exclusive processor of recycled material to GreenMoxie collecting PET (1) , LDPE (4) and PP (5)

All material processed is converted into Fibopost products.

The average lifespan of a glass bottle disposed in a landfill is
plus 1,000,000 years.
The average lifespan of a PET plastic bottle disposed in a landfill is more than 700 years.
The average lifespan of a steel can disposed in a landfill is less than 150 years.

Every 100 -Fibopost 600XT x 1650mm prevents  ONE CUBIC METRE of landfill from PET bottles ! or ONE CUBIC METRE  of packaging strapping!

CARBON Emmissions
1 tonne Steel production equals +0.45 tonne CO²
1 tonne Plastic production approx 3- 7 tonne CO²
1 tonne Fibopost production 0.055 tonne CO²

Now that's a saving over Steel! and a significant saving over virgin polymers.

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