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600XT - Universal Fibopost
Rural Fencing
Horticulture , Landscaping , Tree Stakes and Vegetable growing
Crowd control and Barrier mesh
4WD and camping
Equine Fibopost
Electric Fence Applications
Mining , Consruction &Signs

Fibopost-Brite are the  Brite Green and Brite Yellow on the left side of the above images , the  left image is the human vision of colour and the right simulated animal colour vision.

Fibopost-Brite is a NEW product that enhances the visibility of the Fibopost and also is tailored for the peak human colour response .

The Fibopost-Brite is the most visible for the livestock with it's contrasting colours to the environment and will show up in low light as the Brite colour reflects more targeted light than it receives being luminescent .

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