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600XT - Universal Fibopost
Rural Fencing
Horticulture , Landscaping , Tree Stakes and Vegetable growing
Crowd control and Barrier mesh
4WD and camping
Equine Fibopost
Electric Fence Applications
Mining , Consruction &Signs
Rural Fencing

Farm and rural fencing  

Fiboposts do not need insulators nor does the Fibopost rust! or rub the wire wearing the galvanising off.  The Fibopost has flex and spring and debris will not build up like a ridged
fence form timber or Steel Star pickets or non flexible plastic posts.

The Fibopost replaces steel Star Pickets and timber posts and allows many more options when fencing as the Fibopost is it's own insulator even mesh can be electrified. Difficult livestock , predators , pests and other native fauna can be controlled with options not available before the Fibopost.

Fibopost 369XT is ideal for Strip Grazing and fencing application where the fence is less that 1.0m , 5 wire electric fence or plain can be used with droppers .

Droppers are a  perfect addition to the fence project decreasing the time of fence errection and still able to deliver a electric fence without additional insulators

The Fibopost can be customised to particular fencing applications , including custom hole spacing , selection of hole sizes and slots all part of a impressive arsenal in livestock control.

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