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Installing your FIBOPOST
Fibopost MSDS
Weathering and Durablity
Weathering and Durablity

The combination of materials means that the Fibopost can perform in extreme conditions of both cold and heat maintaining it's characteristics up to 140°C it will not melt until +220°C and even in temperatures below -40°C will still perform.

Fibopost will not rust or corrode like steel Star pickets nor will it rot or decay and is impervious to insect attach unlike timber .

The average lifespan of a PET thermoplastic (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottle disposed in a landfill is more than 700 years this means the part of the post in the ground is going to be there a very very long time , the bit exposed will outlast all other polymers.

Testing in Arizona PET + 30% glass maintains 99% of it's strength after 1095 days (3 years)exposure and still going strong.

Comparing Fibopost with other common polymers
Material                 % Tensile Strength retention after 1 year in Queensland -Australia Colour
Dark Green
Fibopost                              100.0%
Polypropylene                         90.5%
High Density Polyethylene          92.4%
Low Density Polyethlene            88.0%

Medium Rating
Acetic Acid, 10% +
Ammonia +
Calcium Chloride, 10% +
Diesel Fuel +
Ethyl Alcohol (4 hr) +
Freon9 TA, TMS and TP-35 +
Hydrochloric Acid, 5% and 10% +
Methylene Chloride –*
Sodium Hydroxide, 10% 0
Sulfuric Acid, 40% +
Toluene 0*
Xylene 0*
Zinc Chloride, 10% +

+ Resistant
0 Limited Resistance
Not Resistant
* Surface Attack, Crazing
** Loss of Gloss


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